Acrylic Nail Art Stamping Plate (Jumbo 1 Series 01-06)

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--Plate measures 5.71" Length x 3.74" Width.
  net weight: 0.8 oz; package weight: 1.5 oz
--Acrylic plate is light-weight, soft in touch, hard to break, easy to carry and remains newly after cleaning.
--Translucent acrylic material makes it easy to look through every printed lines.
--Stamp good results when applied with CICI&SISI stamper
--The colours shown on the picture may be biased from the true colour,please refer the real objects.

How to stamp
--Apply nail varnish to the image, scrape the excess off and pick up the image with a stamp before applying it to the nail.

--The plate can be cleaned with acetone nail polish remover, but don't put the acrylic plate in liquid containing high concentrations of ethanol or acetone for long time.
--During the using process, please don?t scratch the acrylic plate with any sharp tool.
--Please keep the plate in the dry condition.
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