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Peel Off Glitter Base (Base Coat)
Peel Off Glitter Base (Base Coat)

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Big Bling XL Stamper Pink (carimbão transparente)

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The Big Bling is huge!! 

This clear stamper is not only beautiful to behold, it is also an extremely functional nail stamping tool. Clear Jelly Stamper did it again?changed the game in the nail art stamping world!! The ultra-big clear jelly stamping head measures 1.12 inches in diameter and feels extremely squishy too. The body of The Big Bling clear stamper is completely clear allowing maximum saturation of light through, thus making it much easier for the user to see the placement of any nail art designs. 

It also comes with a protective cap and a blinged out base to keep it safe and sound when not in use! Please keep in mind that clear heads are delicate and always will be! Treat them gently and they will last! Use a gentle pressure with clear stampers. They are not marshmallow and will rip if too much pressure is used!

Please don't use your clear stampers with matte nail polish top coat. It will cloud your stamper... and never ever use anything abrasive on our clear jelly heads!

Store your stamper out of direct sunlight and store extras separately!

Includes - Handle, Cap, Base, 1 Clear Jelly Head, 1 white Marshmallow head and 1 scraper (part of the clear box... just slide it out!)
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